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We help busy moms write.

No Burnout.
No Mom Guilt.
No Shame.

Instead, try this...


Habit + Coaching + Intuition

What Makes Us Unique

Mom Writes First uses the research from habit psychology, the latest in coaching science from a professionally trained and internationally certified coach, and the transformative power of mom intuition, to help moms develop a regular writing habit. 

Mom Writes First, different from other coaching programs and writing groups. 

Sure, you're a novelist, a poet, an aspiring author, a blogger, a children's book author, or kick-butt nonfiction writer... And, so much more too.


You are a mom. You wear a million hats, and your to-do list is a mile long every single day. 

When moms are busy, whether its with home, kids, work, or personal goals, it can feel like there is no time to write. 

And that's where Mom Writes First shines!

Writing should add to a mom's life. 
Not take away from it. 

Mom Writes First teaches that writing, first and foremost, should be an act of joy. It should be something that fills moms up. Not something that burns them out. 


But over and over again, we see writing coaches, mentors, and gurus teach mom that the way to write is to hustle and grind until their work is complete. 


Pushing, stressing, and sacrificing? No thank you. That's not how we do things here. 

No More Burnout.

Rather than trying to grind out a novel in a month, Mom Writes First teaches aspiring mom authors how to leverage their inner strengths and structure their day so that they can create a regular writing habit.

Then once, that is established, we teach you how to scale and systemize from there. And we strive to make it fun along the way. Because seriously, you have one life. Let's make the most of it!

Coaching for Mom Writers

Moms deserve support. 

And a mom who is trying to write the story, poem, or book that's been on her heart for ages, needs support. 

Wherever you are on your writing journey, coaching can support you.

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Habit Booster Call

You're a mom who wants to write, so you took our Mom Writer Superpower Quiz.


Level up with this 1:1 support from Jen in a 30-minute Zoom Call. 


We'll use mindset coaching, guidance, and your intuition to help you implement a daily writing habit that will work for you.


4-week Habit Builder 

For the mom who is ready to create a writing habit. 

In this 4-week 1:1 coaching program, kickstart your habit with a 1-hour coaching session with Jen, followed by a weekly mindset and accountability call for 3 weeks.


Book your habit building coaching call below. 

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1:1 Mindset and Life Coaching for the Mom Writer

6-months of 1:1 coaching. 

Launching Spring 2024. 

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