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Quiz for Mom Writers
Every Mom is a Super Hero.

And Every Mom has a Superpower!

Learn how your Mom Superpower can support your writing!
Take this quiz, and you'll learn tips to help leverage your unique superpower to create a daily writing habit. 

Mom First Coaching helps moms lead creative, fulfilled lives today.

It's time for moms to write their own story. 

Let's stop waiting for the kids to be in daycare, graduated, and off on their own. 

Let's let the dishes, laundry, and work emails wait.

Let's stop saying yes to burnout, shame, and mom guilt. 

Let's start saying yes to what lights us up. 

If you are ready to be a mom who goes first and shows her kids how to be a happy, fulfilled, and successful adult, then we want to support you.

Mom Writes First Podcast

The podcast that helps busy, overwhelmed moms develop a writing habit, so that they can write, publish, and sell their first book without burning themselves out.

Write the Book...

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Are you a mom with a story on your heart?

Do you dream of writing a book? 

Do you have stories, poems, essays, or blog posts floating around in your head? Maybe you have an idea for the next bestseller in nonfiction?

Do you want to journal as a way to release stress and find your joy? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the "write" place!

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