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Mom First

Let's go from frazzled and barely surviving to fulfilled, joyful, and thriving! 


I help ambitious working moms ditch overwhelm and show up with joy, so that they achieve their goals and have fun in the amazing season that they are in! 


Are you on the brink of burnout? 

Do you feel pulled in a million directions?

Are you struggling at home and at work? 


I help stressed-out working moms: 

  • Reduce stress and recover from burnout

  • Improve well-being

  • Build confidence  + defeat Imposter Syndrome

  • Strengthen relationships

  • Create balance---on their terms

  • Reach goals

  • Have more fun!!! 

Individual Coaching

  • Identify your goals

  • Tackle what holds you back

  • Create the results you want

  • And HAVE FUN on the way

includes participation in mental fitness program (optional)

Schedule a free 30-minute call for more information and pricing.

Hands Up

Mental Fitness Coaching

  • Identify and learn to recognize the negative thought patterns running your life

  • Learn how to intercept those thought patterns 

  • Develop the tools and mindset to act from your wiser self

7-week course includes group coaching and access to app to build your skills each day.

Work with Jen

"Trust that your life is a beautiful rose, unfolding just as it should."

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